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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keeping your Sweet Dog's bowl chemical free

With three large and thirsty labs in our family, I was concerned when I read a recent study by Healthystuff.org that studied the chemicals found in the garden hoses.  Testing of the water from the hoses found several chemicals including lead. Currently, our Sweet dogs drink from an automatic water reservoir used for horses. It sits in the shade, attached to the outside spigot by a garden hose.  I looked at the study and the methods used in their research. The study convinced me to replaced the garden hose with a drinking water hose made from NSF approved materials and keep the hose in the shade when possible.  The Healthystuff.org study also provides a list of chemical free garden hoses so the dogs and I can safely share a drink on those warm summer days.

I hope you and your sweet dog(s) are enjoying your summer.  If you have a second, read our more frequent posts at Sweet Dog Organics on Facebook.

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