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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are our dogs an early warning system?

Today, all three dogs helped me load the dishwasher.  Ella, Layla and Reggie seemed especially annoying after a long day.  They took turns bumping into me, grabbing the dish towel and generally getting under foot.

While ordering them outside, I turned to see soapy water from the washing machine spilling onto my hardwood floors.  Crap.  The dogs happily ran with me and helped cleaned up the mess by standing on the soaked towels, getting into a tug of war with the pile of dry beach towels and then curling up next to me when everything was cleaned up.

I guess, like many other days, the canine early warning system was telling me to chill out and pay attention, they are just trying help.  Ok, I will try harder.
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