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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What did you say!

Cartoon by Gary Larson

Thanks to all our readers who entered our "How many words does your dog know" contest.  Your warm responses kept a smile on my face all week.  It seems that we all love our dogs whether they understand us or not.

Shannon and her two dogs Prowler and Daisy (above) were randomly selected to receive a box of our Petite Pups. They seem to be waiting in the yard for the mail carrier. After reading all the wonderful comments, I put together a nonscientific survey of the words and habits of your dogs understand (or do not understand).

As a homage to all the dog trainers, 87% of the Sweet Dog owners mentioned that their dog knows how to SIT.  The exceptions were Fia, an eight week old German Shepherd puppy (who probably still smells like milk and likes to be held) and Carly's six month old Shepard/Pit Bull puppy who only understand NO and OUT.  Carly, I feel your pain.

Apparently, several of our Sweet Dogs are afflicted with the same disease, selective hearing.  Kellie's Kitchen wrote:
                 "We have two dogs, one is a husky mix who looks like a dingo. She probably understands words like sit, puppy park, down, come, stay, drop, etc. but has very selective hearing so the only one I can be 100% sure about is puppy park".

Kellie, I hear you.  Last week, our black lab, Layla, was due for a visit to the vet.  During the exam, I asked the vet if Layla's ear infection was interfering with her ability to hear...I think the vet is still laughing.

A few of our sweet dogs hide when they hear the word BATH, one hunts BIRDS off of the Christmas tree while another knows the word SUPERMAN.  I especially relate to the family who has to spell the word BEACH to get out of the house.  What can I say, we have to love these dogs.

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