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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Say No More

This fantastic sign is from the wonderful store, Kiss My Mutt. Take a minute and look at their great pet products.

It is always the teenager making my afternoon latte who tells me that I am wearing my sweater inside-out.

Over-committed and just this side of a fashion icon, I have trouble saying no to people.  I say yes when I should be shouting "are you kidding?".   Looking for a solution, I read first paragraph of any "How to say no" article that I could find while at the hairdresser or in the checkout line at the grocery store.

Nothing. I was on my own.

I decided to commit to calmly and quietly doing something for myself every day for the month of February.  Some days, I sit in the sun and enjoy a latte and a cookie for 15 minutes while other days I go "big" with a manicure.  This noble experiment has pushed me to ask for help for those who love me and .....wait for it....... occasionally say no.  It is February 24 and my sweater is currently right side out and my nails are red. So far, so good...

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Unknown said...

Love the blogs, Debbie.

heather said...

You go Debbie! I'm working on the no part myself! love to you all.