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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If you can't be with the one you love honey-- Love the one you're with

I spent last weekend flying to Washington DC to check in with our Sweet Dog Son.  Despite the many communication technologies available to me, there is no substitute for seeing my son Jimmy, waiting at the airport wearing in his suit and tie.  His joy did seemed short lived when I got out at the wrong subway stop and lost my ticket.  I always carry his birth certificate with me so he can not deny that I am his mother.

After a too short visit, I sat in the darken plane, feeling sad about leaving.  I was quickly reminded, via text message, that the West coast part of my family was waiting to see me and celebrate Valentine's Day.  Except for a card for Sweet Leo, I have to admit that I was behind in the preparations for the day.  Therefore, I am declaring the month of February:
"Love the one you're with" Month
In celebration I am sharing a few Etsy Finds that you can give your loving Sweet Dog(s) this month and all year long.

 A fantastic Red Baron Hat from Beantown Handmade.

Doxie Sweet Cherry Dot Decorative Rectangular Dachshund Pillow from the mother and daughter team at Persnickety Pelican.

The amazing Sweetheart Dog Sweater from the Kitty Bitty.

Beautiful Copper Pet ID tag from Dawg Town.

Hemp Flora Print leash from Aroo Studios

I love these note cards from Studio Flower Power.  They are made with real flowers!

Ilickyou makes this very cute "Lover" Dog hat for your sweet dog valentine.

A custom valentine's day card (others cards available)  showing off your Sweet Dog from Pet Printables.
Geralyn's wonderful leather Love Dog Collar.

Best wishes to you and your sweet dogs,

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Kitti said...

So adorable. So many cute items! Thanks so much for mentioning my Custom Pet Cards!! :)

Unknown said...

Hey Debbie, I also know that sad feeling Moms get when we leave our sons. Lucky me, I get to visit one of our sons in a few weeks, but then I'll have to leave to come home. Oh well!

I love the name you came up with for February!

heather said...

Glad you got to see Jimmy. WOW, UL texts? hm,.. should try that! LOVE LOVE LOVE the dog in the red hat. I am "Godmom" to a couple of Boston's. May have to get that for them. Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas!

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