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Monday, April 19, 2010

Can you hear me now?

The dogs do not understand what I am "up to" when I lay down on the couch to chase a headache away or "have the nerve" to sleep past "doggie" breakfast time. The dogs have trained me not to leave possible targets (hairbrush, clothes, shoes) on the floor and available for use during the "get up" dance.  Sadly, I am up to the tune of the crunching of the water bottle (with or without water).  Although noise is annoying, the danger comes when Reggie (our yellow lab)  deconstructs the bottle into the popular "let's run to the emergency vet--again" dog mints.  Happily, I recently discovered the Bottom Buddy Dog Toy which may make everyone happy.


These 20" long plush toys fit over a 20 oz water bottle and turn a noisy water bottle into a chew toy that may allow you to grab a few more minutes of "me" time without having to lock yourself in the bathroom.  The plush cover protects the dog's mouth against injury from the broken plastic and keeps the water bottle in place with self-fastening closures.  This summer, freeze water in the bottle and insert into the Bottle Buddy to keep your Sweet Dog cool.

Best to all of you and your Sweet Dogs.

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