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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter parade

I was driving home last night and saw all the cars heading to "parent's night" at the local high school.  I let out a sign of relief that our Sweet Dog son, Jim, has graduated and I  could check parent's night off my list for eternity.  Every year, Jim's dad and I managed to embarrass him by asking the teacher too many questions or talking in class.  After years of parental love and angst, Jim went to college and now works at a exciting job in Washington DC.  

I am often asked if I am an empty nester.  I have to honestly say that I am not.  Despite the distance, my son and I manage to check in on each other using any one of the zillion forms communication.   My crazy daily life has been replaced with a different type of crazy-- Labrador retrievers,  Layla (black), Reggie (yellow) and Ella (chocolate).

Last night, while I was standing in the cold wind watching Reggie lunge at the neighboring dog during his agility class, I started to wonder if engaging in this insanity was, in fact, a symptom of the "empty nest syndrome"?  I still do not think so.   Sweet Dog Organics and the three dogs seem like another fantastic path of love and angst.  This seemed to be confirmed when the cosmos aligned and  Jim's Easter basket arrived at his apartment on the east coast as I (on the west coast) was hiding these great dog toys (pic above-Etsy store, The Lab ) from the dogs until Easter.

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