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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You can't stop the music

My son, Jimmy, and I loved to go to the beach to lay in the sun and play in the surf.  When Jimmy was much younger, I would block the waves that seemed too big, by standing in front of him and letting the wave hit me first.  This maternal action was the equivalent of putting your arm across the passenger in the car while slamming on the brakes.  Typically, I ended up being swept up by the wave and knocking over the poor kid.  This year, I have been feeling the same way about Christmas.  I am trying to hold back or at least slow the overwhelming onslaught of holiday advertisers and early decorations.

Last night, while sitting on my couch and labeling Sweet Dog take-out boxes,  I discovered that I had run out of the white containers needed for our Meals on Wheels donation.  Not wanting to deny treats to the dogs of the seniors, I dipped into my stash of red take-out containers.   When I delivered the Sweet dog treat boxes today to the Meals on Wheels meal center, the manager commented, "Oh, how Christmassy!".
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