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Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Where people help animals and animals help people."

UPDATE: Sweet Dog Organics is continuing to partner with Meals on Wheels Greater San Diego to provide organic dog treats for the dogs of housebound seniors.  The experience continues to be very rewarding for me.
I recently learned that the Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC) runs AniMeals, a program that provides free pet food for dogs and cats of elderly or disabled people throughout San Diego County by offering free pet food.  The program started when a Meals on Wheels (MOW) driver discovered that one of his clients was dividing his meal between himself, his dog and his cat.  It disturbed him so much that he went back to the office and shared the story.  Together Meals on Wheels and the Helen Woodward began the AniMeals program.  Now, Sweet Dog Organics' special take-out dog treat boxes are attached to the dog food bags adding a little more love to the package.   I am starting to receive some feedback and it seems like the treats are putting a few smiles on people's faces.

As wonderful as this experience is for me, there is plenty of behind the scenes drama.  This week, I burnt a whole tray of dog treats because I was attempting to tie the bows on the MOW treat boxes and talk to my mother on the phone.  My poor dogs are ecstatic to receive the burnt treats...they think charcoal is a one of our flavors (just kidding, they are spoiled rotten).
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