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Thursday, September 3, 2009

She's well respected... cool, calm, collected

Layla Grace and I have been enthusiastically volunteering once a week at our local hospital. As promised, it has been a rewarding experience. Occasionally, we will often see a distressed patient roll by on a gurney on the way to the emergency room. When they pass us and see the dog, they smile. The smile may only last for a second but it is amazing.

Last week, we were quietly visiting several patients who had requested a visit from a therapy dog. Layla is still a little afraid of the equipment and the hospital bed but she she controls her nervousness by checking the room for snacks. This week, we were at the end of our shift when a man came running down the hall. He wanted us to visit his dad who was recovering from cardiac surgery. I was a little nervous because the patient had high expectations about seeing a dog and Layla was tired.

In the room, I introduced Layla to the patient and while I was making a quick visual check for food containers, Layla snuggled up the man and shared her love by licking his IV. Yikes. I pulled her leash so hard that I knocked over the trash can which was full of (you guessed it) cookie wrappers.

The hospital hasn't fired us yet.

To make things more challenging, Layla refuses to wear her cool (and required) volunteer name badge. To solve this problem, I enlisted the help of Pet ID for Me. This company makes dog tags that look like your state's drivers license and include a picture of the dog. This cute tag solved Layla's hospital ID tag dilemma. The tags are made of a high quality, waterproof thick laminate with your dog's picture printed on both sides along with their vital information. They come in two sizes, 1" x 1.75" or 1.25" x 2". As an added bonus, Pet ID for Me, included a free gift, a 2" x 3" refrigerator magnet.
To insure that our lost pets return safely, Jason and the good folks at Pet ID for ME are sponsoring a Sweet Dog GIVEAWAY! One lucky winner will win this fun pet tag for your dog or cat.
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