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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I got the brains, you got the looks...let's make some cookies

Today is a big day for Sweet Dog Organics. Sweet Dog has partnered with Meals on Wheels-Greater San Diego to provide organic dog treats for the dogs of homebound seniors receiving their daily meals from this hard working organization.

Armed with a box of individual dog treat boxes, I drove to the Meals on Wheels meal center in downtown San Diego. I found a small staff making the meals and a long table filled with open white paper bags patiently waiting to be delivered.

In support of Sweet Dog Organics' commitment to the wellness of all dogs and their owners, we will provide organic dog treats to the dogs of seniors twice a month with their regular meals. I am excited about the challenge and think that it is a worthy cause. As dog people, we understand that pets, especially, dogs are known to help their owners fight depression, lower their blood pressure and improve their well-being.

As I handed my box of treats over to a very nice manager, I felt like I was back 20 years at door of my son's preschool. Crazy, isn't it? I was sentimental over a big box of dog treats that are going make someone smile and another's tail wag.

As for my sentimental moment, my son Jim consoled me by telling me that "in a month or two", I will just slow the car down and toss the box of dog treats to the meal center staff just like I did with him each morning at his preschool. I don't quite remember it that way.... Follow Me on Pinterest


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

OMG! You totally rock! What an awesome thing to do.

Dijea said...

Yea for you! Its the little things that give us the most joy.

jamaise said...

I agree, you are awsome - it's people like you that make the world a good place :))

Linda said...

Yeh, what everyone else said. You rock!