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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Devil and Mrs. Bialick

I have to admit that the path of my life continues to remain a mystery.  In June, I declared that summer was going to be drama-free.  I had big plans...trashy novels, umbrella drinks and long swims in the ocean.  Ha!  My summer reading remains in a sadly neglected pile and "most" of my summer drink recipes are still unmade.  I really love making Sweet Dog Organics treats but I pay the mortgage by running a small business where I work with some very interesting clients.  It seems like I spent this summer consumed with unfinished work and experiencing a subtle feeling of angst brought on by the never ending reporting about the recession (do you know what I mean?!).

It was Reggie, my 1 1/2 year old yellow lab who reminded me that life is not "all about me."  After hours of obedience training, my sweet "devil dog" excels at finding and eating anything he can reach (peaches off the tree, tomatoes out of the garden, ALL my basil plants).  Recently, Reggie managed to eat two loaves of bread dough that were rising on the kitchen counter.  This snack was followed by a night-long bout with intestinal distress.  In the midst our fun, poor Reggie started staggering when he walked. Remembering a college class or two, I began to realized that the yeast and sugar from the bread were creating alcohol in his system and a flashback to a distant Metallica concert, reminded me that I could only hold him until time passed.   The cosmic lesson was clear.  Now, on the last day of summer, I am blogging while sitting in the sun surrounded by the dogs and I think I can hear a frosty diet coke calling my name.

I wanted to share this picture, "When Dogs Dream",  photographed by Casey Vincent.  It seems like a reminder to create our own evidence of  good times. Casey is offering Sweet Dog Organics readers a special discount.  Contact Casey through his Etsy store and let him that you  saw his picture on the Sweet Dog Organics and he will discount ANY 8x10 photo on his site to $15.00 ($3.00 off).  The special sale runs until October 15, 2009.

Have a great week. 

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Kidazy said...

Oh I hope your pup is feeling better now! There is nothing scarier than when they get in to something they shouldn't!

Leo said...

that's my boy!