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Friday, May 1, 2009

Backseat Driver

May has been designated as National Bike Month, reminding us to ride our bikes and live a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes, it is difficult to find a friend to join us in a quest for better health. No worries, leave the rest of the world on the couch and take the dog.

To make it fun, we thought you might be interested in the DoggyRide products including their cool original DoggyRide Bike Trailer. This 30 lb. dog ride lets you bring your dog along on longer bike trips. The DoggyRide also has an adapter kit that converts the trailer into a jogger or a stroller. The original DoggieRide trailer claims to hold up to 100lbs. Larger or multiple dogs may need the newer Novel DoggyRide which has a tow bar aligned from center to improve stability. The Novel holds up to 110lbs. Take a look at the Novel dog trailer in action:

DoggyRide is offering SWEET DOG readers a 10% discount on the original DoggyRide and FREE shipping. Mention SWEETDOG when you place your order.

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