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Friday, March 13, 2009

Eating Between Meals?

As the owner/mother of three Labrador retrievers, keeping our monthly stock of 40 lbs of dog food away from the dogs has been a quite a challenge. Ella, our two year old chocolate lab, can get the top off any container providing unlimited between meal snacks for the other dogs. My problem has been solved with the Softstore Dog Food Container made by Vittles Vault. The genius of this container is that the top screws on the container keeping the dogs and any other pests out (including ants). As the volume of food decreases through the month, the container collapses making more space in the pantry.This soft-sided and airtight container comes in blue or green. Depending dry food storage needs, the container comes in two sizes (30 and 50lbs) with a useful nylon strap.

Our Softstore container sits in the corner of the kitchen with a few stray teeth marks on its lid as a reminder to Ella of better times.

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